Dog Stache

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This is for you Tim: Dog Stache.

(thank you herrt)

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  1. love love love it! :)

  2. really funny. loving it!

  3. That’s an image montage that I created for my blog, Dog Milk. Here’s the link to the original post:

  4. @Jaime, I updated the image link and added a caption!

  5. This made me laugh my *ss off! Just pictured my little pooch wearing it… Great find, made my day!

  6. Oh thanks Tina, it’s OK, I certainly didn’t mean to sound like one of those blogger a-holes but I did take the time to put three photos together in Photoshop — HAHA!

  7. Do the staches come in a non-villainous variety?

  8. @Jaime! Didn’t understand your comment that way. Give credit where credit is due! :)

  9. love it, i just wish pajamas would play with it.

  10. I’d get a dog just to have him/her play with this!

  11. My cat Charlotte really wants to get one of these for her schnoodle brother Chico.

  12. Where can you buy these???

  13. ROFL!

    That’s hysterical. Perfect breed of dog for the ‘stash, too. Now all he needs is a bowler hat and a magnifying glass, and he could be The Great Dog Detective!