Napkins are so passé

This is the ‘iPad’ that I will be ordering asap: PixelPad (holding off on the other one, but lusting over it, yes) It will look sooo good on our coffee table. Ha!

(thank you Jonquils)

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  1. I’m in!
    Bics, Pilots and Sharpies included! Free refill too.

  2. Why does this make napkins “passe?”

  3. Same question here. Although it looks nice for a tray :)

  4. Because usually people use napkins (or back of envelopes) to doodle and write their stuff…

    Love the stuff btw (and the site is mimicking Apple’s in a very funny way)

  5. Napkins are where people sketch their big ideas over a lunch or dinner with friends and business partners.
    I personally prefer backs of junk mail envelopes. Maybe I could sketch-up a great app on this, sell it for $500 and buy an iPad. : >

  6. If pads like these were sold locally I’d buy a bunch. But I find it too much hassle to order them internationally and pay shipping charges that exceed the value of the product.

  7. got this one as an iphone…