New Book by Oliver Jeffers!

Oh, look, Oliver Jeffers came out with a new book: The Heart and the Bottle. Must. Order. Now! Ella will be thrilled!

And on a sidenote: Oliver agreed to be one of our speaker’s at an upcoming CreativeMornings. How fabulous is that? I am thrilled!

Want to have a peak into Oliver’s world? Here is a great 3 min short:

(via minordetails)

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  1. I love taking peaks into the worlds of other artists and designers.
    This was great, thanks for this awesome post!

  2. GREAT NEWS!! on the book front and on the Creative Mornings front. He’s a grand lad alright!

  3. Yay for Oliver! All the way from… well, here!!!

    T in Ireland

  4. I remember hearing that story about the kid breaking in the penguin enclosure, always thought it was a lie.

    Inspirational work Oliver.

  5. Hooray for Oliver! Not only have I purchased many of his books for various young relatives, but I recently interviewed him for my art magazine, and found him to be both talented and very thoughtful. Very glad to see more of his work showcased!