Organic Onesies + Vintage Ties

Organic Onesies + Vintage Ties = Made me smile!

(thank you Kai)

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  1. That’s it. This is the last Onesie I can take. Goodbye forever


  2. Sorry to see you go @Cas!

  3. Heck, I don’t even have kids but I can see the fun in this onesie.

    Keep being awesome Tina.

  4. super cute ones here too! Fellow designer friend- she outfitted all my nephews last Christmas: Fun stuff for girls too :)

  5. very cute but I’d be worried about how safe these are — could the tie get wrapped around the baby’s neck or could they get it in their mouth?

  6. Thanks for featuring my tiesies! That’s a photo of my son as a wee one, and now he’s a big 2 1/2-year old, still sporting tiesies around town.

    Chris — the tiesies are all sewn down, so the tie doesn’t flap around. They can’t get it in their mouths or wrapped around anything. My kid’s been wearing one since birth!