Like Button shows you what people you know like on the internet right now. I am not a Facebook fan, but this definitely made me look. Please note, you can add your own urls at the bottom. Powerful.

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  1. facebook is out of control

  2. facebook is out of this world

  3. This is neat. But please understand how this works and its privacy implications: a “Like” button is basically a window into a page on Facebook’s server. Just loading it (no clicking) tells Facebook where you are. Hence, every page with a “Like” button phones home, telling Facebook your whereabouts.

  4. Facebook is a security nightmare. It’s becoming so ubiquitous that they think that we will put up with anything.

    So first it was myspace. Now it’s facebook. Somebody needs to take this opportunity to introduce the next big thing.

  5. Someone said “Quite frankly, most things we ‘like’ don’t really need to be private.” That is the fallacy here!!! employers look at these interests and if they see you likie a particular political group, or have any particular interests that are not boring geek white bread or average middle of the road interests, their will be bias, c’mon! This like button takes constricts expression and reinforces safe boring middle of the road issues. If you are gay or belong have any hobby you watn to share with your friends and not the world FB just screwed you. It’s the perfect toy for the most boring middle of the road person.

  6. I think it’s really interesting to watch this develop & ‘LIKE’ experimenting with it. :)