Pick One

Pick one.

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  1. Abit unlucky to have Islam on the #10 of the bottom ones? :P

  2. This is great, if you liked this then here’s the all singing all dancing version http://beyondm25.wordpress.com/2010/04/16/the-most-awesomest-thing-ever/

  3. this is certainly fun/addictive!

  4. I got a “forbidden” error. ??

  5. ‘Forbidden’ error here too…

  6. “Forbidden” error here, too…

  7. forbidden error here too

  8. I get a forbidden error, too!

  9. Forbidden error and a nice “Hey. Get outta here.”

  10. forbidden here, too. maybe it’s because i’m not in the states? c’mon, open it up!

  11. 403 Forbidden

    Hey. Get outta here.


  12. same here,
    get outta here….

  13. Me too…


  14. Me too: forbidden – I had to get outta there!

  15. I got Hell vs. Los Angeles. I chose Hell.

  16. I pick: Debbie.

  17. Hi. This is my site. Unfortunately the traffic made my host disable the script… Thanks a lot for the link!!!! I’ll try and get it back up ASAP.

  18. Sorry y’all. Should work as soon as DNS settings are updated.

    (Try your iPhone). http://www.heyben.com/pickone/

  19. tried this- it goes on ad infinitum. laughing at some ridiculous choices is good? yes or no?

  20. Still loving this (we we’re lucky enough to stumble across it a wee while back http://withassociates.tumblr.com/post/385676935/pick-one-by-ben-nyberg). Proper cognitive hacking!

    Glad it’s still going around and that you’ve come across it Tina.

  21. Ben has a great site and is obviously a very creative individual, did you have to go and break his site Tina? :)