Teabags Royal

Hey, who’s hanging out in your tea? Oh, it’s Teabag Royalty!

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  1. I’ll admit the design is nice, but these are some of the most expensive bags of a black tea blend you’ll ever buy.

  2. LOL! I’m not sure I want the Queen in my tea though!

  3. Fantastic. Almost as good as the “Sweet Jesus” chocolate figure I ate a couple of years back.

  4. Mother’s Day presents! Awesome

  5. I don’t know if it’s a good idea. It suggest that the flavor come from…

  6. So funny! Would love it if they were famous writers instead of the royal family though:-)

  7. I love these teas!!! will add the post to my friday links!

  8. I like the “Democra-tea” as well (it’s Merkel and her mates)!

  9. Oh no! Hope they don’t have a wee in my tea!!!