The $0.69 iPad Stand

Andrew Devigal (multimedia editor at New York Times) has found an affordable iPad stand solution: An Office Depot Business Card holder. $0.69 a piece. Wheee!

(via unpluggd)

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  1. Love this! Thanks :)

  2. Wow, great looking new laptop….I mean propped up iPad with external full size keyboard…

  3. Oh! I need it! Oh and I need an iPad, too!

  4. I just got the Fellowes study stand and it feels like it’s built for the iPad, for only $4.99 (w/ free shipping). It’s intended for holding up books/magazines for old school research paper writing. It also folds up, so it’s perfect for traveling.

  5. хуета :)

  6. I’m totally going to do this! Thanks for sharing!

  7. Love it when a product gets reinvented for new purpose. Innovation at its finest ;).

  8. Innovation @ it’s finest would have been if apple papple would have thouht of it rightaway.

  9. Affordable iPad stand? It is ironic that the stand for a $500+ luxury device is affordable!

    Good find though, it looks surprisingly good!

  10. Oh great, now those business card holders will jump to $75+ just like anything else Apple touches.

  11. Bought one today, and it’s great for casual usage in landscape mode, but I wouldn’t trust it to remain steady in portrait. If you were entertaining the notion of using one of these on an airplane, you can forget about it.

  12. Still holding out for a really great in-bed movie watching stand. Maybe I’ll design one!

    Love the post.

  13. PadStand is cool, just $14.99 from UK! much more stable, and indestructible! – I got the blue one!