Re-Readers is a new “skin” for Google Reader by John Holdun that strips it down even more than the rest. If you are interested, you may install the style as a userscript, download the stylesheet, or use the bookmarklet to swap on the fly. Refe to Helvetireader for detailed installation instructions.

(via minimal mac)

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  1. Just as a side note, because people should know how great she is, the screen shot you’ve shown includes a drop cap from by Jessica Hische. She makes those drop caps available for all/any of us to use and they’re spectacular. I don’t know her, never met her, but I use her drop caps on the daily (hence the name, I suppose!) on my blog, and they’re fantastic. Just wanted to share, as she deserves to have people know/use her work. Thanks!

  2. I love it. My Reader is so much cleaner now. Thanks for the link.

  3. I used to love reader, but after discovering feedly I don’t look back. It works wonderful and I have my twitter app over there as well.
    Have you tried, Tina?

    Link :