Wine Glass Sponge

Wine Glass & Champagne Flute Sponge. Practical!

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  1. This is just great idea! All my struggle to clean the glasses is done! Thanks for sharing!xo

  2. There are two champagne flutes sitting next to my sink right now for the third week in a row (they have been rinsed, just not thoroughly washed) precisely because I don’t have something like this.

  3. don’t they already have a good tool out there for it? it is kind of wand like and circular to clean the glass easily.

    These look like it would still be a bit difficult since they don’t look that rigid and have 2 flat sides.

    just my 2 cents

  4. that’s the best invention yet!!

  5. Useless!

    It’s called a cloth, people.

  6. wow – for years I’e just used another amazing kitchen tool, called scissors, to cut a sponge into fingers. i guess I’ll never need scissors again :-)