iPad + Velcro = Love

Two of mankind’s greatest inventions, together at last:

iPad + Velcro from Jesse Rosten on Vimeo.

(Thank you Jens)

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  1. I think Jesse needs to sell that AWESOME video to Apple!

  2. With all due respect to velcro, no.

  3. All good, until the airbag deploys and you get an iPad embedded in your face.

  4. @Prescott Perez-Fox: So the AirPad is born…

  5. Prescott has a point. Some good ideas, though.

  6. Why couldn’t any of them cut the velcro in a straight line or get it straight on the iPad or wall?
    Such sloppiness drives me insane!

  7. I wouldn’t touch that iPad with traditional Velcro. If I absolutely HAD to mount an iPad, I would at least start with some 3M products, like command strips with Dual Lock.


    (I searched everywhere for good videos/links for these things, and came up almost completely empty. Everything was a terrible sales video. 3M = the world’s best product + the world’s worst marketing materials)

  8. Too bad Vimeo uses Flash… couldn’t watch this video on my iPad….

  9. Doesn’t look very secure. Wouldn’t do that exposed outdoors or high up on the wall/ceiling..

  10. Actually.. PJ & Daniel.. Vimeo now supports HTML5, so that would be incorrect.


  11. Really well done. Does what a good ad should do – makes me want to buy the product. So where do I find velcro like that?

  12. @PJ Go to

    and click “Switch to HTML5 player” ; )

  13. Yeah, I know it was mostly for jokes. Although THIS video is in Flash, making it hard to watch the video on this lovely blog. Either way, I’m really looking forward to all the Apple iAds!

  14. Ben Thoma – the only place to fnd Dual Lock in not in huge qtys is sometimes at Home Depot or Radio Shack or online @


    (they also sell velcro, but Dual Lock, though much more expensive will be WAY more secure)

  15. Forget any of those lame ideas you had, Jesse. I’m going to put the velcro on my stomach and turn myself into a Teletubby.

  16. My, what a perfect couple those two make. How adorable :)

  17. good idea but all that velcro left on the house walls, car dash board and ceiling are very ugly. matching the velcro color to the wall paint could help this issue. the only problem then is the annoying texture of the velcro on the wall. also the annoying sound of it ripping off the wall / objects.

  18. That’s just what we need: idiots on motorcycles looking at their iPads rather than the road. Gee thanks (Future candidates for the Darwin Award there…)

  19. Ticky tack might be a good alternative.

  20. Ya love the idea, but Velcro in a car isnt the best idea. Because of the heat, it melts the glue and the sticker falls off. Wouldnt want that to happen when the iPad is on it.

  21. I buy velcro for my I-Pad tonight!
    the picture frame is a good idea for when ur not using it…. why put it in some draw when it can have a purpose???
    i love the cooking video, but have fun cleaning grease splatter of your screen….
    and if anyone is looking for some awesome iphone / ipad apps check out the puzzles from 3 guys software…. they drive you crazy, heaps of fun………

  22. Where, please, is the eipät a great invention?
    Sad to read such commercials here… :-(

  23. mmm… makes me think that this is coming in the next ipad. It makes to much sense.

  24. I loved it…would like to buy such kind of IPAD

  25. What is the background score?

  26. Just be sure not to put on on your steering wheel! ;]

  27. There is a professional approach that resolves most issues with Velcro strips and the iPad, called Hedgie. Find it out on http://www.hedgie.net