Timber Table

Timber is a beauty of a table that doesn’t need any tools for assembly. (See video below). Designed by Julian Kyhl.

Timber Out of the Box from julian kyhl on Vimeo.

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  1. This is flat-pack furniture at its very best. Are they available to buy?

  2. I’m missing the point of this. Are tables normally hard to assemble?

  3. Ah, I love this. Tables aren’t usually hard to assemble, but the point of Timber is simplicity. The video is great in itself too, the way he buttons his jacket at the last second really makes the final punch.

    Tom: the table isn’t available to buy yet (you can look at Julian’s website for details on production).

  4. Original idea!!

  5. I love this, i have just spent a whole day putting together flat pack furniture.
    I would love to see the box used somehow !

  6. It’s beautiful but I have some concerns about the weight this table can carry. The slots running across the underside of the table reduce the thickness of the boards by half. If the table breaks or bends, it will be at the slot.

  7. The table in the video has carried 3 (approx. 200 kilos) people without any problems. the planks are solid oak wood which is very strong and is not easily misshaped. It is true that the planks thickness is reduced by half at the slots, but the greatest strain is at the middle of the planks. Also the angled legs stabilizes the table so it doesn’t wobble.