Wintercheck Factory

Before starting WINTERCHECK FACTORY, Kristen worked on a construction site in Tribeca managing a real estate development project. She dug the architecture, design and humongous machines but could pass on the loan requisitions, punch lists and filing. After about four years of this, she decided to embark on a new and independent venture. Two weeks later she put down a deposit on a workspace in Bushwick, bought a jigsaw and went to work. The name “WINTERCHECK” was used as an attempt to simplify her heavily consonated real last name, Wentrcek.

Check out this minimal and elegant desk. Or the nifty scarf with built in pockets.

How much respect and admiration do I have for young folks like Kristen? ‘Doers’ like her get a hat tip from me!

(thank you amit)

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  1. God this desk is beautiful!

  2. Are you sure?

  3. Good for her/them. Life’s too short to slog away for the man. Really.