Barbapapa Kitchen Apron

WAH! I nearly fell off my chair seeing this Barbapapa Kitchen Apron! I must have! (I know, I know you are probably thinking “that is so not swissmiss”. You have to understand I am under a Barbapapa spell!)

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  1. Thank you for posting this. I’ve asked ALL my friends if they know about Barbapapa, and they look at me like I’m on crack. Was really starting to think this character was a figment of my childhood imagination. Love, love, love it. Might have to get one (or a mug for the office, perhaps) just so I can prove to everyone that they are real!

  2. I grew up in Italy and vividly remember this sweet character! I must have been 4 or five, and my favorite was the black one.. Awesome!! None of my American friends know about it.. it has to be a European thing..

  3. Yup, it’s (was) a big thing here in the Netherlands too.

  4. same with me!! i just remember a part of the book when the family makes a house by pouring cement over the dad to make the rooms!

    i think i need that apron.

  5. Isn’t that Babamama?

  6. It was a Canadian thing as well. I used to read the Barbapapa books when I was really young—maybe 5 or 6 years old.

    Isn’t that teapot awesome, too?

  7. Just fabulous and new to me too! But Magic Pony’s prices are outrageous! The tea pot cup combo is $20 (!) elsewhere. They also have a Matt Furie tee (Devil On A BMX) by 2kt Tees for $50 and it’s $35 at 2kt……….

  8. Ahh Barbapapa, I was watching them such a long time ago, I grew up in Italy too : )

  9. I am an American and this is for panzarotta- I saw all the Barbapapa
    shows in USA. I know of them.

  10. I’m from Japan and I remember seeing the Barbapapa animation on TV. They are adorable!

  11. I just bought that apron yesterday in Spain, huhuhu.