BillyKirk 123

This BillyKirk Shoulder Pouch is made out of the most amazing leather and feels incredibly sturdy. How do I know? Joey Roth was just visiting swissmiss studio sporting one of these. A real beauty! Wishlisted!

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  1. I want it! You know this is the type of thing that you would have forever, and it would get better over time.

  2. So we’ve finally found the acceptable man-purse!

  3. Looks great. Overpriced though. I could get something similar at half the price in Zara.

  4. a clear want. scary: i was about to write this “want” comment i went like, “oh, i wrote that already”, but no… its an other one… :)

  5. @Kevin Blanc: When I saw the first comment I was sure that was you. :)

  6. It looks great!