What better is there on a hot summer day than a Ice Coffee? Well, there’s Ice Coffee and there’s Ice Coffee. Last year I discovered the Porsche of Ice Coffee’s when I ordered one at Love Lane Kitchen on the Northfork and it was served with Icecubes that were made out of coffee. Duh! Such a simple idea! As the ice melts, the coffee doesn’t get watered down. Ever since, I cringe at getting an ice coffee with regular icecubes. I’ll have to pick up some of these Cool Bean Ice Trays.


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  1. I agree with your logic… and see no reason why it shouldn’t apply to Gin & Tonics!

  2. cool. For some reason, I have my eyes on the cookies…

  3. I used to get this from mister donut (Japan).
    Glad to see it’s finally available here!

  4. After what seems an age I am back in the fold.
    New website DONE
    New collaboration DONE
    and at last a post telling everyone who I have been collaborating with. If you have a nosey gene, as I have, then pop over and see.

  5. cool idea, but the thing is, most coffee shops make their iced coffee concentrated, specifically because it will be served on ice. i make it the same way at home. still fun, though…

  6. Good idea.
    But why would anyone use frozen water to make ice coffee? Vanilla icecream is what you use (at least in Germany – don’t know, what the Swiss do).

  7. I love Fred products! We gave this to my partner’s mother’s husband who’d been a dairy farmer when he was younger:

  8. I have those in stock! email me, I will gladly send you one!

  9. This is actually pretty cool!!!

  10. That looks delicious, ideal for breakfast or coffee

  11. Hey, I just bought these from! so so cool. and i LOVE their other ice trays too!