The LEGO® Store

New York City just got a little bit more colorful and playful: LEGO opened it’s first retail store in NYC and I can not wait to take our little Ella there. It’s open for business already but its grand opening is on June 29-July 1st!

Mommy Poppins has a thorough post on all the happenings during the opening.

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  1. Being from Ontario, I think it’s time for a road trip. That looks amazing!

  2. Will miss the opening :'(

  3. to think the seattle area had one before nyc. heh, heh. although, yours of course is bigger.

  4. A reason to visit NYC with my boy!

  5. *its first retail store

    “It’s open…” and “its grand opening” are correct.

    Good grammar is good design.

  6. If you ever worried about whether you would be loved when you are vey old, forget it.

  7. Oh Em Gee… Definitely a must visit the next time I am in NYC…

  8. Very cool, even the ceiling lights are so LEGO! : )

  9. awesome! hope someday the store will come to my country T__T