Wanted: CreativeMornings co-sponsor

I am currently looking to find a co-sponsor for the upcoming CreativeMornings on July 9th with Rolf Hiltl at the Swiss National Museum in Zurich, Switzerland. The event is taking place in the courtyard of the museum in the supermodern Hiltl WM Lounge. The venue is stunning to say the least. (Event info)

Our attendees range from Designers (web and print), UX experts, Marketing, CEO’s of any kind of design related business, to writers, PR people etc. It’s an amazingly diverse group but I would say with a tendency to be more on the creative/designer side.

This month’s Breakfast Co-Sponsorship is $800 and includes:

A co-sponsor mention on the swiss-miss.com announcement post with a visual banner like on this announcement.

A mention and thank you at the beginning of the event with a screenshot of your site or any graphic of your choice, projected onto the screen. If you would like you can set up signs and can hand out print material during the event. We had Mailchimp hand out T-shirts in the past or Behance handed out their actionpads. You can really do whatever you’d like, or let’s say, almost anything! :)

More about the CreativeMornings:

Talks over at vimeo.

Pictures of previous CreativeMornings on Flickr.

swiss-miss.com gets an average of 30k unique visitors a day, and about 900kuniques a month. Your brand exposure would be quite big.

Interested in co-sponsoring the event alongside with our main sponsor Mailchimp?
Email me.