Wireless in the world 2

Visualizing wireless networks in the physical world – @TimoArnall is back with round 2

Wireless in the world 2 from timo on Vimeo.

“Utopian and radical architects in the 1960s predicted that cities in the future would not only be made of brick and mortar, but also defined by bits and flows of information. The urban dweller would become a nomad who inhabits a space in constant flux, mutating in real time. Their vision has taken on new meaning in an age when information networks rule over many of the city’s functions, and define our experiences as much as the physical infrastructures, while mobile technologies transform our sense of time and of space.”

from: laboralcentrodearte.org/en/735-concept

(via brainpicker)

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  1. Joanna,I am on the (what I feel must be) the end of my own anxiety and drieesspon experience. Your story is so similar to mine in so many ways. I feel (felt) very overwhelmed, helpless, and dreadful over every day happenings. I felt as though my husband was growing tired of my and my friends thought I was boring. My boy is also 8 months and like you, I just started my period after a year and a half of not having it. I haven’t been actively weaning him, but I have noticed a drop in my milk supply so I’ve been supplementing here and there with formula. I thought I was either going crazy or had some sort of delayed post partum drieesspon , and subsequently I’ve started an anti-depressant. I’m feeling better, but not 100% yet, but compared to how I was feeling this is like whole new world.Thank you for sharing your story. It is really hard to talk about these feelings.