Google building a Facebook Rival?

Below are excerpts of an Article by Pete Cashmore over on Google building a Facebook rival? Let’s hope so

Facebook’s mountain of personal data could also provide the backbone of an ad network many times more targeted than Google’s keyword-based advertising. If Facebook were to launch both a search engine and ad network, it could put a significant dent in Google’s more than $23 billion in annual revenue.


So while it’s definitely a long shot, it’s time to rally behind Google. If the search giant is able to pull off a half-decent Facebook rival, the fast-growing social network will finally have a competitor to keep its power in check.
That would be a win not just for Google, but for the Web as a whole

Amen to that.

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  1. Google has too much information on us all already… I wouldnt sign up for that. Rallying for these folks instead:

  2. Google already has a Facebook rival. It’s called orkut. But I guess it’s not popular in the U.S.
    In Brazil it’s huge. Maybe they’ll try to do something specifically to the american market?

  3. I’m with John. In so many ways, Google is even scarier than Facebook. This definitely wouldn’t make me feel safe.

  4. I don’t think people enjoy seeing ads in their social networks though. While ads in their search engines is something they will tolerate more.

  5. I also miss why Google is necessarily better than FB.

  6. Totally agree with these guys. Facebook is fine if you use it wisely – has been fantastic actually! I wouldn’t want Google in my life any more than it already is.

  7. The thing is, Facebook is crap software. It barely works, and it’s generally awful in every way, especially from a UI-perspective. Buttons and pulldowns everywhere that don’t /look/ like buttons and pulldowns. Say what you want about Google, they can write good online software with UI that (mostly) makes sense.

    In spite of the Buzz fiasco, their recent stance wrt China gives me hope about their respect for their users. EVERYTHING I see on Facebook and read about Zuckerberg make me want to reduce my presence on Facebook to the bare minimum.

    Luma, thanks, I’ll check out Orkut again, it’s been years…

  8. Very impressive!
    Thanks for your presentation and I appreciate that!
    Keep up your good work. I will come here regularly for news.

  9. Luma,

    Orkut is already owned by google….

  10. F/B: which is why she said “Google already has a Facebook rival”…

  11. Its not just building instead its doing it at a great pace. Google recent acquisitions in Social Media space including slide, Jambool very well proves that Google is very soon launching “Google Me”

    Check out this link for detailed information about this.

    Google buying Jambool – Social payment provider to fight against Facebook credit

  12. And now facebook building Foursquare rival, what is this happening why can’t people be more innovative and come up with more new things.

    Check this out: Facebook announcing Geo-location feature today