Bike Rack, the swiss way

Last week, in Switzerland, I noticed this ingenious bike rack outside the Hoher Hirschberg, the place G and I got married 5 years ago. (I first thought it was for people to tie up their horses.) How simple, efficient and awesome looking is this bike stand?

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  1. Whether it was intended or not, you could certainly hitch a horse to that bar. The thing I’m most impressed by is the lack of locks on those bikes. Proof that Europeans are more civilsed.

  2. I’ve used bike racks like that in the states. They work well, but only when you don’t need to lock your bike. Unfortunately, those cases are very, very rare. Especially in NYC.

  3. If you are in the city, of course you lock your bike. But way out in the country, it’d have to be a pretty ballsy thief to try to steal a bike when the owner is likely within eyesight…

  4. Fwiw, if you are a triathlete this is pretty standard practice. :)

  5. And unfortunately I’m a shortarse, so my saddle is too close to the crossbar…

  6. It is impressive, and unfortunate we can not leave our bikes unattended like that here. The view is awesome. Love your web site.

  7. Ski resorts here in Utah have been doing this for years! …maybe we stole it from the Swiss (like skiing), but I’m pretty sure we invented mountain biking!

  8. As a cyclist I’ve seen many of these racks in a lot of european countries, so I don’t think it is a typical Swiss thing. It is very simple and effective and probably a typical biking thing.
    Nice to see the bike are hanging the best way here, on the sadle in stead of on the shifters.

  9. Leave it to the Swiss to come up with innovative ideas for bike racks