Letterboard turns your iPad or iPhone into a sign-board. It lets you create signs in the style seen in airports and convention centers everywhere. Oh, what fun can be had with this?!

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  1. uh-oh – i’m out 99 little ones, as it turns out this is only for the ipad. not the iphone.

  2. @Joe: the universal version has been submitted (as a free upgrade); just waiting approval from Apple. So hold tight for a few days and your iPhone should be good to go!

  3. LOVE! Will be watching for it for iPhone :-)

  4. @Matt: great… thanks for the info.

  5. This is such a freakin clever idea. It makes me want to go out and buy an ipad for the limo as I waste so much time spelling weird names out… And I bet this app never runs out of the letter “K”

  6. Stupid app. Just get a whiteboard app. Same idea; much more useful.

  7. Relax bob, it’s clever instead of useful.

  8. wow! what a great idea

  9. I want! Still don’t see it for iPhone. I’m so impatient.

  10. I have a similar app on my android phone and had hours of fun sending messages like “you suck” to my husband from across the room. It really didn’t get old – to me, at least.

  11. ooooh I cant wait to have something like this. TURN YOUR BLINKER OFF!!

  12. What about a “hand written” one on brown cardboard for the homeless?

  13. I bought it and found out later that it’s only for a iPad (that I do not have). Double sadness

  14. I would use it to flash messages at other drivers on the highway with me like telling off the stupid ones and informing the endangered ones with low tires, etc.