A house by the Park

I just listened to a super interesteting live interview with Mike Davidson over at 5by5.tv. In this interview that was held by Dan Benjamin Mike mentions the blog that he kept up while building his dream house. I am impressed how generously Mike shared his insights on what it takes to build a house. What an amazing resource for anyone who is in the process or about to undertake such a construction endevaour.


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  1. very smart house – but….
    far too complicated and too much hi tech.
    a house should integrate more in the surroundings and not stand against it. it should be able to “live” so that not every crack in the wall destroys the perfection.

  2. Thanks for the mention, Tina!

    Frank: What do you mean by too much hi tech? Do you mean the internals of the house like the home automation stuff? Or are you talking about the design and construction? The house uses a rainscreen system, which goes back to 1940s Scandinavia. The whole idea of it is to let the house “breathe” and live. Basically, it keeps most of the water out but the water that gets in through the paneling wicks right out the same way.

  3. hi tech? hi five!

    wonderful house, select materials all way beyond the standard. love seeing a dream being fulfilled, congrats Mike! :)

  4. Rich people and their things. I love the comment about microwaving the filet mignon. Gag.

    Beautifull house though!

  5. Nate: Filet Mignons are about $10 when purchased at the supermarket. Probably less money than you spent on dinner last night.