BBQ Bruce

I just had to learn that no outdoor space is too small to have a grill. Only have a balcony but crave some grilled burgers or sausages? Don’t you worry, BBQ Bruce to the rescue.

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  1. Great idea—it’s like a tasty window-box!

  2. That’s genius! Perfect for virtually any NYC apartment!

  3. Don’t flip the burgers TOO vigorously! Look out beloowwww…

  4. That’s funny. That is the BBQ I have installed on my balcony. But I’m sorry; I have to dissapoint you, Bruce is not as good as it seems. At first the inside is not deep enough, the meat/saussage/vegetables are to close to the coal. And the material is not that good. It started to rust after 2 weeks. Not it is completely brown from rust and I don’t want to put any kind of food ontop of it anymore!

  5. 50 Euros = about $66 USD… wouldn’t say its worth that much if it doesnt work well… great idea though

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  6. it’s a great idea.. I’m not sure about it now that I read Markus’ comment.

  7. That’s a great idea. So sad barbecue are not authorized in my building !

  8. That is pretty darn cool, but …

    “Don’t flip the burgers TOO vigorously! Look out beloowwww…”

    Ha ha !! yes, totally.

    Clearly the product doesn’t work so well in practice from what Marcus is saying, but good in principle and perhaps just needs a bit more work.

  9. This is so great. Of course it comes from Germany, right?
    I have a lot of customers with limited patio space in condos, downtown Toronto. This stuff is perfect for them.