Brooklyn Beta

My fab studio mates Cameron and Chris have been working hard in getting a brand new Brooklyn based web conference off the ground: Brooklyn Beta!

Chris and Cameron want Brooklyn Beta to be the friendliest web conference you’ve ever attended. Their goal for the conference is to inspire you to “make your own stuff.” They’d love to see what the Web would be like if all you talented web people started using your magical abilities to bring your own ideas to life.

They hope you’ll leave inspired and anxious to build something of your own to beta in 2011. If that happens, you’ll have a hard time wiping the smiles off their faces.

BrooklynBeta, the site, launched today and while you can not register yet for the conference day you can register for the Workshops.

Please note that space is extremely limited. They want this to be an intimate conference where attendees play just as important a role as speakers. The workshops will sell out pretty quickly! So, go and register quickly.

See you there! Brooklyn Beta!

Follow BrooklynBeta on Twitter.

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  1. Thanks, Tina! This is going to be so much fun. :-)

  2. $250 to go watch a bunch of irrelevant “designers” and bloggers? Why is the web 2.0 world such a scam?

  3. Thanks for the encouragement, Tina! I’m looking forward to it very much!

    Hi there, ‘B’. It sure is disappointing to read such unqualified, anonymously virulence. Putting side the fact you’re hiding for a moment, and that you have misunderstood how little the conference has to do with “web 2.0”, are the speakers and workshop hosts truly irrelevant? What would you consider relevant? I genuinely wish to know so if we have made mistakes for folks like you — whoever you are — we don’t repeat them.