DEWS toothbrush does away with concerns about whether your toothbrush is resting on an unhygienic surface. When the toothbrush is set down, it will sway momentarily until it reaches a position of balance, much like a tumble doll. DEWS has been designed with ergonomic considerations, and its weight allows for comfortable brushing.

Is this the perfect kids toothbrush? YES!

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  1. Love it. Nevermind a kids toothbrush, I’d buy it.

  2. As neither ergonomics, nor complex bristle geometry or Zen brushes improve cleanliness of teeth, but the pure mechanical process of brushing, I recommend the following brush:

    also, they have them in EVERY color.
    it’s minimal.
    and it’s swiss, of course.

  3. Argh, I was hoping I’d actually be able to purchase this. I’ve seen it referenced on a number of sites but only as an award winner.

    I’m not even thinking about the kids… I’m thinking about me! Oh and all the people who use a ‘cup’ to hold their toothbrushes. Nothing is more disgusting than that thick water buildup in the bottom of a toothbrush cup.

  4. Remember in that documentary Objectified when they’re talking about the need for a toothbrush handle that is permanent and you can keep forever (okay, maybe not forever but at least a few years anyway), and only the bristle part would be disposable? I’m still waiting for this. It makes perfect sense, they did it with razors years ago…

  5. I too am here to reference what was talked about in the documentary Objectified.

  6. I would pay upwards of $30 for such a amazing feature on a tooth brush!

  7. Genius idea, now where can I buy one!!???? Can anybody advise me??

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  9. Great…until a fly lands on it!

  10. I’m not crazy about this toothbrush, it’s a lot of waste for little value. The bristles should be disposable indeed, @Lindsey. Furthermore, studies have shown that a well dried toothbrush leaves little chances to bacteria, unless it is old (over 2-3 months) and bacteria start entering between the spaces in between splitted bristles.

    I’d advice to change your toothbrush regularly and opt for a green alternative at once.

  11. I guess this is the difference between a designer and an engineer: How much mass would you need in the base of the brush to keep it upright to overcome the moment at the head? Even if the head of the toothbrush weighs around 1/2 oz., and say it is 6 in. long, there would need to be 1 lb 7 oz in the base. Who would want to use a toothbrush that weighs over a pound?

  12. Nice. However, a guy called Dan French did this back in the mid 90s. Basing his design on the way a ‘Weeble’ works. He also did cutlery too. :)

  13. Cool idea, but wow do people worry about stuff like this? Lol, I wouldn’t care if mine dropped on the floor, ha ha.

    I agree about how gross the bottom of a toothbrush cup can get, that’s why I don’t use one. Mine just sort of sit around where I chuck them … sink side, basket in cabinet … lol

    I was also wondering how comfortable it is to hold if it’s (surely?) weighted at one end.