Every Time Zone

A handy little tool for checking timezones around the world. Excellent for meeting planning. EveryTimeZone.com

(via @aaron)

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  1. And it’s made using HTML5 so it works perfectly on the iPad / iPhone

  2. OH that is awesome.

    I also love the “time map” widget from http://hairycow.name/ for OS X dashboard.

  3. Ooooh. I’ve been reading your blog for so long, it was especially awesome to see this in my feed reader today! (I designed Every Time Zone. :) *frisson of joy* Thank you!

  4. Absolute best world time “app” I’ve ever seen. Too bad it does not work on a non iPhone4 screen. Because of the clickable time stamp resizing won’t work. Hope they fix this. Thanks for sharing Tina

  5. Even better for meeting planning is Timebridge: http://timebridge.com/ – I use it to plan almost all of my meetings that include more than myself and another, and as a way to let other people suggest times that work for me (they can see when I’m busy and when I’m not).