I was impressed by the inflatable Guava Family GoCrib. Anyone who has ever traveled with a regular travel crib knows how bulky and heavy they are. GoCrib is lightweight, sturdy and packs down into a small backpack. Ingenious. (Watch the video below to see how sturdy it is. Looking at the pictures alone, I thought it would be flimsy.)

(via dailygrommet)

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  1. excellent idea… but the $250 price tag is slightly higher than the $70 Graco best seller. OUCH!

  2. Nice but even better is the DERYAN Travel Cot – Portable Indoor/Outdoor Bed. It’s also very portable [handlugage on the plain] and the price is much friendlier. It’s also is much faster to set up; 3 seconds! My oldest daughter has slept fine every holiday no matter where and now uses it to play in.

  3. Baby Bjorn is amazing. Light, compact and so easy to use. Happy user for 2 years.

  4. thanx, we put it on my son’s birthgift list

    (you just put link to different stores, no obligation to use only the stores from the same compagnie)

    sure it’s expansive but much more usefull (and it can be use as a bed when you visiting family)

    thanx for the tips