Interactive Sketching Notation 0.1

The interactive sketching notation is an emerging visual language which affords the representation of interface states and event-based user actions. Through a few simple and standardized rules, what the user sees (drawn in greys and blacks) and does (drawn in red) are unified into a coherent sketching system. This unification of both interface and use, intends to enable designers to tell more powerful stories of interaction.

Hat tip to by Jakub Linowski for creating and *sharing*!

(via Free Wireframing Kits, UI Design Kits, PDFs and Resources on SmashingMagazine)

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  1. I don’t know why, but I find wireframes really sexy. Alone the look of some sketchy boxes and UI elements. I guess for me wireframes are associated with the anti-documentation (but actually, they are documentation). Anyway, thank you very much for the link!