Our biggest advancement in the year 4,000?

At today’s CreativeMorning with Rachel Sussman I asked the following Icebreakertag question: What do you predict will be our biggest advancement in the year 4,000? See some of the anwsers below and all of them over on Flickr.

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  1. in what way was this an icebreaking question? No offence, but asking what advantages will be present in 2000 years is a bit naive and too technocratic, and will just bring up the usual suspects (as proven by the images above). Ask for the obvious and you will get the obvious.

  2. I’ll still be alive.

  3. extinction of human

  4. @Bernhard

    At least in my experience with social networking events, ice breaker questions aren’t always intended to be serious, but instead function as a way to encourage people to socialize by talking to each other about what they wrote. They’re not explicitly meant to draw out a deep conversation, at least in my experiences.

  5. A new form of Peanut Butter!

  6. It that true

  7. Great icebreaker with obvious and boring results.

  8. The end of time sheets.

  9. In the year 4000 humans invent the wheel. Again.