Baby Neck Warmer

Oh, those clever Swedes! Check out this smart Baby Neck Warmer! Anyone with a little one, living in a cold place like NYC knows that this totally makes sense! Which baby likes a scarf anyway?

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  1. Looks like a bib to me… a bib with 4 good sides. Front, back, inside out front and inside out back. Ok, so I do want one.

  2. Since you are a fan of Polarn o Pyret, I thought you might like Lindex. Unfortunately there are no Lindex stores in the US, nor can you buy anything online outside of Scandinavia (Maybe you could persuade a friendly Scandinavian to do the shopping for you), but it is a great low price alternative to the often quite steep prices of Polarn. The quality is close to Polarn, but for quite often half the price:

    Some of the designs at Lindex are not as good as Polarn, but on the other hand they have more variation. And since Lindex is not an exclusively children/maternity clothes store, some garments which are more specialized are not available.