FREITAG am Donnerstag: Talk 3

This thursday will be last of our three «FREITAG am Donnerstag» talks, a mini lecture series I am curating and partially moderating for FREITAG, to celebrate their new REFERENCE collection.

So far, Khoi Vinh and David Rowan have been so generous to share their thinking and insights in two exciting talks. This thursday, Peter Hossli will be sharing his thoughts on the topic of journalism at the FREITAG REFERENCE editorial space in Zurich that the bros. have set up for the month of September. (read more here)

Space is extremely limited (50 spots max). 25 spots will go to a carefully selected group of people but 25 slots will each time be available for swissmiss readers. Maybe you? (No worries, for those of you who can’t make it either because you are too far away or you didn’t get a slot, we will tape the talks and then share here on swissmiss.)

Peter Hossli, Reporter SonntagsBlick Magazine
September 23rd, 8.30am – 1oam
Moderated by the FREITAG bros.

Send us an email if you’d like to attend this thursday’s talk with Peter Hossli. (These talks will be in a rather intimate setting and we anticipate a lively discussion after each talk. We’d love to have people attend with a serious interest in the topic of journalism and media.)

Send your email to [email protected]. (Please note this event is in ZURICH!)

We will get back to you and let you know if you made it on the list.

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