FollowUpThen is made for people that email people like me. (Yes, I admit it.) It’s a free and easy email reminder service. On your next email just include [email protected] and they will follow up after the time interval you specify. No Account Required.

(via corey)

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  1. holy cows!!! that’s amazing!!!!!!!!

  2. I use a better version of this same concept, it’s at I’ve been using them for about 2 years now, and I love their product. Their snooze links are the greatest thing since sliced bread :) Totally fits my workflow and for clearing out my inbox.

  3. thanks tina – this is an amazing find. just used it for the first time and i get the feeling ill be using it a ton now that I know it exists. thanks!

  4. Amazing!

    Will use for sure.

  5. yikes. security/privacy with this service? ccing all your email to some random server? ha

    also, this just highlights a number of the gross inefficiencies of the way ppl don’t know how to use email effectively and how email sucks in general.

    if you’re ‘urgent’ response needed requests are things you forget to followup with yourself later, how urgent were they? And what, ppl can’t do their jobs and send replies in reasonable times etc? heh

    Use email for detailed, non-urgent communications. IM & phone for urgent time-sensitive things.

  6. I am so excited about this, as I keep on pestering GMail to create a way to drag and drop e-mail chains into a calendar, and create events that way (as I am an actor and frequently have 10+ auditions I am planning on going to in a given week). This is the next best thing!