“FREITAG am Donnerstag”: Khoi Vinh

I had the pleasure to travel to Zurich last week to moderate the first of three breakfast talks curated by me and hosted by FREITAG called “FREITAG am Donnerstag” (Friday on Thursday).

Our first speaker was Khoi Vinh, blogger, author, and former NewYorkTimes Design Director. Needless to say that the crowd of approximately 50 at the FREITAG Editorial Space was impressed by what Khoi had to share. Some of my favorite quotes of his talk are:

“Analog media is a document. Digital media is a conversation.”

“Great journalism is its own justification! But great journalism is not a substitute for great user experience.”

“A maximum of elegance with a minimum of ornamentation.” (speaking about the NYTimes.com design)

While Khoi was talking about the world of online newspapers and journalism, right behind him, Markus was printing on his 200 year old letterpress machine. It was quite a poetic clash of news mediums.

This week’s talk is by David Rowan, Editor of Wired UK. We are currently full, but you can get your name on a waiting list, if you’d be interested in attending. (Even though the series is called FREITAG am Donnerstag, we had to be somewhat flexible on the dates as David Rowan was only able to make it on Friday morning. So, consider this week’s event more a FREITAG am FREITAG.)

If you want your name added to the waitinglist for David’s talk or sign up for Peter Hossli on September 23rd, please send an email to [email protected].

Here are photos of the event.

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  1. Great quotes, particularly the 1st.

  2. great presentation

  3. Martina holding Thuy ♥ — Oh and the talk was super, too.