Minimal Folio

Minimal Folio is an App that let’s you present images and video on your iPad. Minimal Folio lets you add images and video from Photo Albums on your iPad or transfer via iTunes on your desktop, rearrange however you like, group related images and video into columns, swipe up or down to move between items, swipe left or right to move between columns. Interesting!

Minimal Folio from Simon Heys on Vimeo.

(via @martinthiemann)

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  1. While digital serves well for certain pieces, it definitely takes away from fun, interesting pieces with interesting print/texture to them. Guess this would work well if all your work is strictly digital/video/media.

  2. I think I will add this to my “why I need an ipad” justification.

  3. Just did a lil vid thanks to the app.