“FREITAG am Donnerstag”: Peter Hossli

Peter Hossli is a curious reporter that always finds a good story. He was third speaker in the “FREITAG am Donnerstag” series that I curated for FREITAG. Peters talk (in German) is a wonderful insight into Peter’s personal approach to journalism. Peter believes that not newspaper/magazines are in a crisis, it’s the Journalist. He thinks journalists Google too much and don’t go out anymore and do their research. Insightful talk, watch it if you speak German:

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  1. Great speach. But are the slides available too? Would be nice. Thx.

  2. wow, these FAD posts are really starting to fill up this blog… :-/

  3. No worries @Jessica, the series was only running for the month of September. :)

  4. Thank you Tina for organising this in Zurich – and providing it via vimeo, great lecture! One can really feel the passion of Peter Hossli.