Charlotte Kids Table Set

Jimmy Chiang, the CEO of Way Basics sent me a note about their third generation design of their table set called Charlotte.

We have one of these sets, the second generation and it’s super sturdy, practical and good looking. What I love so much about Way Basics is that you can put it into recycling when you’re done with it. Let’s face it, kids furniture only has a shelf-life of a few years. Kids outgrow it or it breaks. The fact that I can take it apart and put it into recycling makes me happy and less guilty about owning a product that doesn’t stay with us for years on end.

And by the way, if your’e wondering if they are sturdy, as they are only ‘glued’ together, let me tell you they are. I sit on them daily, do crafty stuff with our Ella. It’s light weight yet sturdy furniture.

Two swissmiss thumbs up for Way Basics.

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  1. This is just about the cutest thing I have ever seen. I love it.