Doll Dress Up Wall Stickers

How refreshing to see a doll dress up design that is not PINK! My 4.5yo daugther has (still) not come out of her pink phase, no end in sight, so it is understandable that this Autumn Dress Up Dolls by Mae caught my eye. Oh, how refreshing to see black, red and even gray?

This Dress Up Doll is a mini-set of “paper doll” style fabric wall decals. Unlike most wall decals on the market, which are made of vinyl, Mae’s stickers are printed on adhesive fabric. They are removable and completely reusable. YES! re-usable! They can be scrunched into a ball and will easily un-scrunch and re-apply to your wall, many times over. They are even washable, which is important when it comes to those precious yet impossibly grubby little ones!

According to the product description, wall stickers by Mae can be applied to almost any surface, and will not damage your walls. Maybe something for the upcoming holidays?

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  1. I think it’s also refreshing that the “doll” doesn’t have an insanely small waist. It gives her a lovely shape!

  2. But would hurt to have her smiling? It’s almost depressing.