DUEL savings bank

This is DUEL Savings Bank is a cool idea for siblings or a couple to challenge each other to save. Or maybe you have two things worth saving for, you’re just not sure which is more important… either way this bank is a fun way to make sure bills and coins are kept safe. The white porcelain can be easily written on and erased over, and you can retrieve your money by sliding off the red silicone band.

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  1. This is what I need in my life! So cute : )

  2. it’s cute, but can’t you just dump a bunch of pennies in to tilt the scale?

    For the visual to mean anything, you’d have to pick a denomination, I think. “Quarters Only” if it’s for laundry money, for example.

  3. great find! I’m such a visual person, and competitive too! hehe!

  4. You will spend months thinking you saved more than me, only to realise that I was using notes.

  5. (snork!) Makes me larf, good find…mad mind.

  6. so cute! but i agree w/ marc that a denomination would be needed otherwise the more competitive one will def. be putting in pennies!

  7. Simple design, simple physics, great application.
    That’s great design.

  8. lol, simple and nice. It’s working !!