iPad Case + Wallmount

I give this iPad Wallmount two thumbs up. Would love it in my kitchen.

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  1. This is a great find – love this!

  2. Nice! And you can buy extra wall plates for 8 bucks each if you want to hook it up in several rooms.

  3. it might just be me and looking at the ipad that is right next to me, but that one in the top photo looks a LOT bigger then an ipad. I could be wrong, but yeah…

  4. @josh bah it is just a small kitchen

  5. But what about when it’s not mounted?

    It would be cool is there was some kind of frame you can mount in place of the iPad when you are not using it that you can fill with a photo or art of your choosing.

  6. Hey there!

    I though I’d post a quick note to let you know that we have launched a bunch of great modular accessories for The Wallee, and have also announced The Wallee for iPad 2 available now for pre-order.

    As always, we would love your feedback as we continue to develop even more great accessories.


    The Wallee!