Tel Aviv Board Walk

Images by Iwan Baan

The Tel Aviv Public Space regeneration project by Mayslits Kassif Architects is absolutely stunning.

(thank you Keren)

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  1. Wow – for a second there I thought you had come here to Israel :)
    I agree – stunning!

  2. Looks nice! However, I don’t think sloping wood would be such a great idea when its likely to be wet a lot of the time. Great design is as practical as it is elegant.

  3. It’s not wet all the time, it hardly rains here… :(
    Btw, the renovation won a major competition recently. Was picked out of 400+ other sites..
    Come visit!

  4. Breathtaking!

  5. I’d love to visit with my skateboard… oh shit I’m Lebanese, I won’t be allowed back home.