I just spent the last 5minutes laughing, reading through posts. Next time I have one of these funny autocorrect moments, I’ll make sure to screenshot it.

(via @jessema)

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  1. Love that website!

    I almost died laughing when I saw this:

  2. Many of those autocorrections come because people would like to write in “chat slang” but fail to erase the suggestion for the “correct” word and thus fail to add their intended word into the dictionary.

    Another reason is only applicable for people who use more than one language. The iPhone uses different dictionaries according to your selected keyboard layout (=language setting).

  3. Thank you for sharing this! It’s been giving me the giggles all morning :)

  4. Thanks for the twitter mention! Can’t wait for your screenshot!

  5. I had a good one… I wanted to write “hey you guys” to my two homosexual friends and instead it came out…. “hey you gays” ! How did my iPhone know?

  6. Any followup text that includes “damn you iphone” or “damn auto-correct” should be free of charge.