Axel Dupeux

I am in serious need of updating my portrait that I use as my avatar on all the social media sites. So, I have been putting my feelers out to find the right photographer. I just noticed Lucien Zayan’s amazing photo on Twitter. (above)

It was taken by photographer Axel Dupeux’s. Check out Axel’s Personal 1 and 2 Portrait series on his site. Stunning, no?

Oh, and by the way, Lucien, pictured above, is the king of Bergen street, Brooklyn. He runs a fantastic (!) art hub called The Invisible Dog.

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  1. You have to hit up Juan Luis Garcia he is too ill with the portraits!!!

  2. Go out on a limb, try an unknown art student – you could be surprised. I understand the desire to be photographed by someone cool or famous. However, getting a portrait done by a photography student could be great for both you and them, give it a go! :0)

  3. King of Bergen Street makes me one of his subjects. I’ll have to check out the Invisible Dog.

  4. If you love these kind of portraits then you will definitely love this Belgian photographer: Stephan Vanfleteren. He is great with taking portraits in all kinds of circumstances and environments.

  5. Stunning! I suggest Alexander Shahmiri as well – great work!