DIY Goody Bags

What a refreshing new take on Birthday Party Goodie Bags. Use pages from an old magazine with imagery you like, cut out squares about 15×15 cm (6″x6″) and glue the outer ends together to make a tube. Then sew together one end, fill it with a surprise, turn it 90 degrees and sew together the other end. Presto!

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  1. What about using this for a Christmas Calendar? Make one bag for every day and fill it with whatever you want. Write the day on it and hang it up with a nice ribbon.
    Cheers from Sweetzerland

  2. what a great idea!
    and simple enough that one who doesn’t use a sewing machine regularly could do.

  3. Love this!!

    :Shauhn Caughron Design

  4. What a great idea! Cheap, easy and fun!

  5. Good idea but ink from magazines and glue is no good for food. For example, in the grocery store, ink penetrate the food when you have packages made by recycled newspaper.

  6. ink is toxic…They had to stop packing fish and ships in newspapers in London.

    But you can use exactly the same cute idea with white paper, or printed only on the exterior side?

  7. Depends on the magazine – some are printed with soy-based inks now on non-bleached paper.

  8. Good point about the inks. I was already thinking I would use second-hand gift wrap for this to extend the birthday theme visually, and gift wrap is only printed on one side so it’s a safe option.

  9. You could line the bags with wax paper.

  10. Great idea! Posted here

  11. Well good grief.. We as children chewed on paper, drank from a hose, had lead based paint, and we made it! Hee hee just sayin… Im sure its fine for a treat once in a while. :). Cheers