The Calm of Collage

The calm of collage


Pop-Up Houseplants

This houseplant pop-up book by Daniel Gordon is giving me all the plant-loving-feels.

Squirrel Ninja Obstacle Course

My son Tilo (10) just shared this delightful Squirrel Ninja video with me. 20 minutes well spent.

How to draw a floating / levitating cube

(via The Kid Should See This)

All-Over PomPom Pillow

I mean, what’s not to love about this all-over pompom pillow?

Creative Experiments

This is fun.

(via Chris)

Using Super Glue and Baking Soda to Repair a Plastic Switch Plunger

This video about using super glue and baking soda to fix broken plastic parts. When it cures it is rock hard. Fascinating.

(via Recomendo)

Make Yyour Own Krispy Kreme Face Shield

This made me laugh. And then it made me sad. So many feelings.

The Big Impact of a Small Hobby

John Donohue draws mundane dishracks and I love it. John is also the force behind All The Restaurants in NYC.

DIY Smartphone Stand From and Egg Box

Paul Priestman teaches us how to make a DIY smartphone stand from an egg box for video calls.

5-in -1 Tool

I am not particularly handy but wish I was. So, I started following Youtube channels run by carpenters. Let me tell you, I am discovering a whole new world. I am enjoying videos like the one above by the Honest Carpenter. File this under ‘the things you discover during a pandemic”.

Free Template to Create Your Own Face Shield

Face shields are typically made with multiple parts and are difficult to create and assemble at home. But Tokujin Yoshioka’s brilliant idea simplifies the design greatly, allowing it to be held in place with ordinary eyewear. Read more.

Brutalist Sandcastles

Calvin Seibert builds brutalist sandcastles. They make me want to drive to a beach and start building. Mad respect.

(via Kai)

Household Item Chairs

The “Isolation Chair” hashtag has gone viral. If you’ve not heard of it, it resembles a first-year Industrial Design school assignment: Grab some random materials and quickly assemble them into the likeness of a chair.

How to Open Doors Hands-Free

This simple 3D-printable attachment lets you open doors hands-free. Want.

Facemask Sewing Tutorial

You can find additional instructions and the pattern here.

Single Sheet of Paper Zine

I love this so much.

Decorating Your Sneakers with Tattly

A few days ago I shared on my Instagram how my daughter felt inspired to decorate her white sneakers with Tattly. I can’t remember getting this many DMs with excitement and thumbs up. It’s super simple: Grab a hold of some fun small-ish Tattly and apply them, just like you would on your skin, but on your shoe. Make sure to cover the designs with a clear sealant or clear nail polish. Superfun! Boring sneakers no more!

There are many more Tattly DIY ideas on our blog.

Paper Folding DIY Kit

A paper folding DIY kit filled with 8 auxetic folding patterns, designed by the talented Kelli Anderson.

How to Make a Cotton Ball Launcher

I know what I am doing with my 9 year old this weekend: a Cotton Ball Launcher.

NEW: Embroidery Tattoos by Tattly

Tattly launched Embroidery Tattoos by Tessa Perlow yesterday. These are the coolest! I don’t know what to do with my excitement over these! Gah!

In case you’re not familiar with Tattly: It’s a high-end temporary tattoo company I started 8 years ago. The designs last 2-5 days and are printed with vegetable based ink, here in the USA. We license art from professional artists and they get a generous cut of every single sale.

Animated Knot Tying Tutorial

Animated Knots is a collection of animated tutorials on how to tie almost 200 different knots.

(via Kottke)

What Creative Type Are You?

This little quiz helps you find out your creative type. Fun and oh-so-visually pleasing. (Apparently I am the visionary type. I’ll take that.)

Well done, Adobe!

Anti-Drawing Machine

A robot that disrupts your drawings by Soonho Kwon. Made me laugh.