Wow, I was just completely blown away by the simplicity of DropMocks! Need to share images? Use DropMocks! It is THE easy way to create and share image galleries online. (Unfortunately it doesn’t work in Safari. You need Chrome 6 or Firefox 4 for best performance.) Here’s a TechCrunch Article about it.

(Thank you Julia)

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  1. min.us is totally the same – just without the 900kb size limit.

  2. Image Spark is also good. http://www.imgspark.com/

  3. Pinterest.com is the best

  4. was also going to suggest imgspark.
    but i also like cl.ly, purely for the speed + the plugins etc

  5. http://www.min.us is essentially the same. I featured it on my blog a couple of weeks ago, except it works cross browser, so it gets my vote over this one.

  6. thanks for this – am looking for great site for school class photos. one that’s easy for everyone to upload to.
    Pity about the 900kb limit – makes it totally unusable for me – and probably lots..

  7. Maureen you are so right – pinterest is really cool!

  8. min.us get’s my vote too! Brilliant!
    anymore groovee sites??

  9. Minus is not as good as Dropmarks. assume you drop a url into Minus, you can’t follow the links on the url, but you can with Dropmarks. having said that Minus does have some navigational and storage advantages.