P&C Christmas Cracker

I haven’t really grown up with Christmas Crackers, but seeing these by Present and Correct, I wish I did. Made from graph paper, in Devon, each cracker will burst open (with a bang!) to reveal a foiled pencil, a tag notebook, wood rubber stamp, scrabble magnet, vintage animal eraser & finally a chocolate sixpence for luck!

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  1. My grandmother used to always get us crackers for christmas-I loved that they had color crowns in them. But these crackers are super fantastic and I am dying to get one of those animal erasers!

  2. We always have Christmas crackers at the table on Christmas day. Usually have nothing worth while inside ! But these are quite quirky.

  3. A brilliant little explosion of fun. Very nice indeed!

  4. aaw cute (and smart) idea to put a scrabble magnet in it.

  5. Pretty amazing contents compared to the lame jokes or paper crowns that you usually get from Christmas Crackers.

  6. We always do crackers on Thanksgiving, so I’m tempted to get these, but they’re so expensive! I think we’ll stick to the ones my aunt gets at Marshalls, haha.