Raindrop Melody Maker

The Raindrop Melody Maker allows you to make your own music. It’s totally therapeutic! Give it a try!

(via Kidshaus)

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  1. It’s so Muji!

    There should be a Muji retailstore-soundtrack entirely made with Raindrop Melody Maker.

    And they offer an iPhone-version for free.

  2. (Raindrop Melody Maker) WOW ! Loads and Loads of Fun. The only limitation is our immagination ! Thanx a Million !

  3. I was extremely relaxed by this, but I was afraid that if I didn’t navigate away I’d be at my computer all night long, completely zoned out.

  4. I love this!!! Great find Tina : )

  5. Have enjoyed the RMM for about a year now, but this summer I had the chance to meet and see Lullatone live in Paris and it was incredible!

    They are a sweet couple.

  6. Is this an application or what?