A better Post-It

Architects Jun Inokuma and Yuri Naruse took the Post-It note idea and made it better. They take wood waste from houses and turn that into paper which then is formed into a stack of Post-It-like sticky notes shaped like little houses. (They’re called IE-TAGs as “ie” is Japanese for “house.”) Smart and beautiful on every level. Hat tip!

More over at Core77.

Update: Looks like Spoon Tagamo deserves credit for finding this first.


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  1. I like these. Nice idea.

  2. simple, beautiful. Thank you

  3. Clever. Green. Good for marking pages. It might get a little tough to write anything on ’em, though.

    I want some.

  4. Excellent idea, both in terms of making use of a dis-guarded material and also this being echoed in the shape.

  5. Little houses made out of big houses?

    How neat! They make my heart beat faster!

    House shaped sticky notes! Like heart shaped cookie cutters!

    Plus: extra balm on the conscience: No trees have been harmed in the process (…)!

    Hey Japanese folks!

    If you care about the ’environment’ at all:

    a. better stop eating too many sushis with possibly endangered species in them and

    b. stop using up so much precious (african) wood just to have new chopsticks for each and every meal.

    Who needs that sticky stuff anyway?

  6. Love how elegant this post-it’s look. And I’m with Peter, Little houses made out of big houses — brilliant!

  7. This reminds me of the work of Stephanie Rhode, her ‘strandhuisjes’ project. http://www.stephanierhode.nl/ses/sandhouse/sh/0329.htm