iPhone Amplifier

My friend Keren sent me a link to this iPhone Amplifier. It totally made me laugh. No, I would never buy it, but it shows how inventive people are when it comes to iPhone Accessories. I then Google-Image-Searched the word ‘iPhone Amplifier’ and found some other interesting designs and hacks:

iVictrola iPhone/iPod Dock

The Phonofone III looks like a gramophone from the future.

or take this super-low-tech iPhone Amplifier. All you need is a toilet roll. (via DIY Life)

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  1. While I love how the iPhone looks with the toilet roll, you can actually get pretty good amplification by putting your iPhone in an old fashion glass.

  2. I work in a bar. I’ll often see people in the office amplifying their iPhone’s by putting it in a plastic pitcher and aiming it at themselves.

  3. A bowl from your kitchen works nicely too.

  4. @kvh how do you know what my kitchen’s bowls look like!


  5. Ich mag die Klopapierrolle :)

  6. There’s also the Griffin Air Curve which is my fav. Very useful when you use your iPhone as an alarm clock in the morning.

  7. Hey, here is my old project. Designed for iPod, but i am sure works with iPhone too.


  8. http://dm3.tv/www.dm3.tv/3d_ipod.html

    Another ipod dock created as an anti war statement with the show “Disarm” from SVA in 2006.

  9. i love how The Format is on the iPod :) Favorite band!

  10. i use to put my phone between my boobs :) worked like a charm >.<

  11. speakers on the phone are that shit eh! Apple really is wank…

  12. My favorite part of this is that The Format was playing on the last one with the tube. Kudos.

  13. Bought one at http://www.iphoneamplifier.net. Works incredible!

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  15. lol this is bare sh1t

  16. i hate everything on this its id rather suck cock than buy this shit

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